Evidence-Based Strategies

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Matching Strategies to Digital Tools

Combining digital tools with high-effect size instructional strategies is a piece of cake. The question is, "Do you know when the right time is to use a particular strategy?"

Let's Get Started!

Wait, wait, before we get started!! Let's take a moment to ask ourselves, "How do I feel today?"

Acknowledging our feelings can get us feeling "meta" and assist us in moving forward in line with, or in spite of, how we feel.

Think-Pair-Share: Top Three Digital Tools


Your co-teacher has asked, "What are some digital tools that you would use to teach a history lesson (or math, or language arts, you decide)? How would you approach this?"

Think-Pair-Share Activity

Share your top three digital tools that are your "go-to" tools.

Goal and Key Topics

Goal: Explore components of a teaching and learning process. That is, a "process by which long-term memories are formed in the brain" (Mike Bell).

  1. The Formula for High Yield Lesson Design

  2. Brain-Based Learning (BBL)

  3. Teaching with Culture in Mind (TCM)

  4. Evidence-Based Strategies

  5. Power of Coaching

  6. Speed Your Learning

1-The Formula: High Yield Lesson Design

Is it possible to derive a high yield lesson design formula for student engagement? If so, it might look like this:

(BBL+ TCM&SEL + HESIS + EdTech) * Coaching –> Accelerated Student Growth for All Learners

Components of the Formula

Formulas make you want to rediscover science?

Wish you had a list of amazing interactive science tools? Explore these periodic tables of elements that help make science interactive!