Leverage AI for Better Communication, Efficiency, and Creativity


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AI transforms your work. Automate tasks, improve communication, and boost creativity. Unlock your potential with AI tools for unmatched productivity and inspiration. Join us to become a smarter, more creative professional!

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Supplemental Content and Resources

Disclaimer: The TASBO acronym was used to create prompt engineering steps and a process for introducing AI into your work. However, it is NOT necessarily affiliated with TASBO the organization.

AI Tools for Email, Meetings, and Notetaking

AI Tools for Business Operations

Explore this print-friendly list of AI tools. It's focused on tools for better communication, efficiency, and creativity. Some more tools below.

There are so many AI tools, I’m starting to think of them less as hammers, screwdrivers, saws, and more like drill bits. You can easily get lost in all the amazing tools available. Explore my list.

A Process for Introducing AI