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Speed Your Learning

Get these two apps that will facilitate your coaching and/or teaching efforts.

Strategies That Work

Need a quick reference guide to some high-effect size strategies? Check out the strategies that work app. Keep it in your smartphone or computer bookmarks.

Coaching Tools

This new app features reflection quotes, an ever-growing list of digital tools tagged for use and instructional strategy.

Infographics For You

Although I failed "Art" in kindergarten, I work to overcome that failure every time I undertake to create an infographic. Here are a few recent creations. While free tools abound, such as Canva, I find it easier to recreate content in Google Slides or Drawings. You can find my repository of created infographics you can borrow/steal without any copyright issues online. Have fun!


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Amazing Lesson Design Outline (ALDO)

Get the Outline and Choice Board!

Amazing Learning Design Online (ALDO),
a tool for guiding lesson design for diverse learners.

Use the choice board (right) to get you started on designing. It features four choices for each of the lesson design stages in ALDO.