Join us in a workshop designed to clarify AI myths and truths, compare various AI chatbots, explore AI tools for productivity and creation, and provide resources for continued learning. 

This session will debunk common misconceptions, demonstrate effective chatbot usage, introduce productivity-enhancing AI tools, and guide participants on next steps for integrating AI into their professional lives. Ideal for anyone eager to leverage AI technology for better efficiency and creativity.

Today's Topics

Dig Deeper

The following resources include additional information and citations (when appropriate) you can review at your leisure to learn more. A variety of AI Models were used to develop this information, including Perplexity Pro, Claude Pro, and ChatGPT Plus. Have fun!

Are You a Jetsonian or Decepticonian?

Take the quiz, see the results. You can assess your score with this Scoring Guide:

4-5 points: Jetsonian - You have an optimistic view of AI, similar to the positive and helpful portrayal of technology in "The Jetsons." You see AI as a beneficial force that will make life easier and more comfortable.

AI Facts, Problems, Uses

This is a great series of questions. Every benefit comes with disadvantages. Take a moment to reflect on your own responses. You can see mine as well. Share your responses via this Padlet.

AI Myths and Truths

Explore the reality and truth behind each of the AI Myths shared in the presentation. This link will give you access to even more citations and links.

AI Legal Eagles: Rating AI's Legal Understanding

Curious about which AI tool has the best legal understanding of Texas Land Title? Knowing which is the best can assist you in deciding how much trust (but verify) you can place in an AI writing legal copy for you. This table rates all of them for you, and gives you a brief overview of benefits for each.

ChatGPT Graphs and Slides: Ahead for Real Estate Market

Need to give a presentation at an upcoming event, or summarize what's going on in the market? Combine tools like (MS CoPilot can also do this to a lesser degree) and ChatGPT to create a PowerPoint slide deck with graphs and charts.

This presentation involved TWO AIs and then post processing in Canva (but you could have relied on Google Slides, MS PowerPoint).

Prompt Engineering

There are a lot of different ways to structure prompts. The best one is the one that gets you the results you want. Here are some personal and professional prompt examples to explore (find more here). Below, find TWO different prompt engineering examples, CAPE and RETO.

Prompt Engineering with CAPE

Some people get worried they aren't going to write a prompt that gets them what they want. Use the CAPE acronym to help you out. 

A simple, easy to use acronym to put together interactive prompts you can use right away:

C - Clear: Ensure your prompts are clear, specific, and easily understandable by the AI model.

A - Adaptive: Be willing to adapt and refine your prompts based on the AI's responses and the desired outcome.

P - Precise: Use precise language and provide relevant context to guide the AI towards the intended output.

E - Evaluate: Continuously evaluate the AI's responses and iterate on your prompts to improve the results.

Prompt Engineering with RETO

Another simple, easy to use acronym to put together interactive prompts you can use right away:

RETO (Role, Expectation, Task, Output):

Role: Define the AI's role or persona in the context of the prompt.

Expectation: Clarify what is expected from the AI in terms of behavior, tone, or style.

Task: Specify the task or objective the AI should accomplish.

Output: Describe the desired format, structure, or characteristics of the AI's output.

AI MegaPrompts

...for Critical Thinking

Find links to THREE critical thinking megaprompts. Feel free to adopt them for your own. Be sure to cite the original authors and mention them when you use their work. Please keep in mind that if a megaprompt doesn't work perfectly, that's probably due to my poor prompt construction and does NOT reflect in an way on the original authors. 

Or, we can blame it on the chatbot's hallucinations. ;-)

Protect People's Data

Three Step Checklist - Watch video

Data Analysis with AI

ChatGPT Custom GPTs (Not Free)

This graph was generated by ChatGPT Plus (and did not rely on a custom GPT) from an article on the web. Compare the result to and graphs below. generated graph generated graph

AI for Fun and Productivity

Other AI Tools to Try Out

The TITLE Process

Follow the TITLE process to ensure you can effectively introduce AI tools into tyour work, ensuring proper training, integration, testing, launch, and ongoing evaluation for optimal results and benefits.

Supporting Resources

"There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning." 

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

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