Steps to Follow

Step 1 - Organize

Divide up into groups of five (or more) learners, organizing yourself according to the technology you have available. It is up to you if you want to just focus on using the technology you have or create a more diverse group.

Step 2 - Select

Select a Project from the available list, come up with one of your own, or use the one setup at each station. You'll turn links to your projects into Padlet setup to capture your work.

Step 3 - Create

Select any ONE Station listed below and create the product suggested (or mix-n-match) using the technology. You can also come up with your own. When you're done, move on to the next.

Step 4 - Digital Smackdown

Smackdown for project ideas and/or tools you would recommend. Share your smackdown in the FlipGrid.

Ready to Get Started with Project Creation?

Share Your Creations

Ready to share your creation?

Open the padlet and add the link to your creation

Digital Smackdown

Share your digital smackdown, as a group, in the Flipgrid. Some ideas:

1. Discuss your favorite digital tool

2. Create a sales pitch (1-5 minutes) for it

--Name the project or tool

--Provide two different examples of use in your classroom (grade level, content area, etc.).

3. Share your sales pitch and post it via Flipgrid