Coaching for Results

Strategic Technology Integration

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Ready to set your students and teachers up learning success? You will need be strategic. In this session, you'll learn how to adopt high effect size instructional strategies, a process for blending technology into learning experience, and pupil focused results coaching.

Teacher Clarity Goals

Today we will examine, explore and reflect how to achieve academic standards through the combination of high-effect size instructional strategies, strategic technology and pupil-centric coaching efforts.

So we can construct learning experiences for students and staff that lead to accelerated learning and growth as John Hattie defines learning.

We will know we have it when we reflect on our use of action steps via educational frameworks that provide insight into our work.

Our Work

There's a big school board meeting coming up.Your Superintendent needs you at Central Office right away. Drop what you're working on and head on over there.

Now's the time to put your heads together to craft the best presentation you can that combines 4 key elements.

Take a moment to reflect on the process. Explore the gap between where you are now in your organization and the ideal your team's presentation represents.