MRI: Making Room for Impact

Session Description

Making Room for Impact: De-Implementing for Leaders

Are you a technology school administrator, or curriculum leader carrying a heavy backpack of ineffective innovations, instructional interventions, and technology tools? It's time to empty that backpack. Come to this session that introduces you to Hattie, Wiliam, and Hamilton's Making Room for Impact ideas as applied to technology interventions in schools. You will learn about some of the key ideas expressed in the text. Don't forget to get the book, too!

Slide Deck and MRI Steps

Steps to De-Implementation

In this activity, you will work through several steps. A print copy of the tools is available, but if not, digital copies appear linked on resource pages below. 

Note: In the interest of time, we will skip the last step (Re-Decide and Evaluate). You will need to work in small groups.


View the de-implementation rubric to assess de-implementation. What reflections or insights do you have about de-implementation process?