Embrace Your Inner Coach: Becoming a Digital Coach

Session Description

Involve teachers in learner-centered lessons that result in reflection and improve overall teaching quality. Explore various coaching models, examine research and tools to support your teachers.

Big Topics

“When schools lack a clearly articulated coaching model, confusion reigns and a precious resource is wasted.” -EL Magazine

Before I tell you what I have tele-gathered about coaching, why don't we find out what's in each other's heads about it?

Want to try a coaching model out? Check out these scenarios to get you started.

Here are a few tips for your consideration. Most involve using technology. Be sure to check the Resources for more ideas and tips.

"Effective coaching makes it easier for teachers to learn and implement new ideas. Indeed, without follow-up such as coaching, most professional learning will have little effect."

-Jim Knight

Faced with increasing demands for accountability, many teachers cannot find the time to explore - let alone implement- the latest technological tools

(McCrary & Mazur, 2010)

"Rather than attending one-size-fits all professional development sessions, teachers need more strategies for joining with colleagues in supporting one another’s growth in hands-on, authentic working relationships,"

-Dr. Katie Alaniz

Resources: Authors, Videos and More

"Coaching means side-by-side planning and working together with the same end goal in mind - Learning!"

-Dr. Dawn Wilson