Teaching with CER

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Teaching with Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning

Unlock the power of student creativity in just six sentences! Join this exciting workshop to discover how to teach the scientific method using Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (CER). 

Explore engaging activities and even learn how to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into your CER lessons. Get ready to ignite your students' love for science and witness their incredible creations through CER!

A Quick Quiz


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  1. Introductions (Four Corners)


2. Revisiting CER

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Sample Lessons on CER

Third Grade Students - Plant Growth.

Middle School Students - CER on Force and Motion

Mosa Mack CER Resources

Disclaimer: Inclusion of these CER resources from Mosa Mack is for the benefit of TCEA Convention participants, and does not benefit Miguel Guhlin. These resources are here for the benefit of session participants. Enjoy!

3. Tips on AI Prompt Engineering

Chatbots are available for free but may also cost money. It would be best for your school district to decide on which AI chatbots it was going to purchase on your behalf.

In the meantime, most offer free or trial accounts. You can get a copy and use this activity on your own or with others to explore AI-powered instructional activities.

Writing and Crafting CERs

Here are a few opportunities to take advantage of, recommended by fellow science educators, to use for CER writing practice. Give them a whirl! If you get lost, use the navigation bar that appears at the top and bottom of each page to jump around.

Share Your CERs via Padlet

Share your CERs via Padlet. Provide the name, chatbot, prompt, and the result.


CERs As Bell Ringers

You may already be familiar with bell ringers and why they are effective. Hannah Bain suggests using CERs as bell ringers. See her example below:

Source: Hannah Bain, Request Access to view: Canva | GoogleDoc

Videos about CER