Create Jamming Engaging Conversations


Want to encourage powerful conversations in your classroom? Explore how you can more easily implement blended learning through the use of multimedia text sets (MMTS), hyperdocs, and Google Suites for Education.

Participants will spend time working on self-directed, collaborative inquiry-based learning projects. A variety of technical mini-lessons will scaffold participants efforts.

Detours to Blended Learning Roadblocks

Roadblocks to Detour Around

Take a moment to explore detours around blended learning roadblocks. Then, come back to try your hand at some of the projects and tools.

  1. Disengaged Learning

  2. Old Content Formats

  3. Silo'd Learning Spaces

Project Creation Stations

The purpose of the stations below is to introduce you to blended learning tools via a variety of mini-lessons. Some effort has been made to align them to the Seven Keys to Blended Learning.

You have the opportunity to develop your own blended learning resources using one or more of the tools. Make what's useful to you, either to learn for now or to use for later. Remember to have fun!

Instructions or Steps to Follow

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