Coaching: Strategies That Work

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In this session, you explore several coaching models and how you can best use one to scaffold learning in the classroom. You will see how coaching can support strategic technology integration in teaching and learning situations. You will see how evidence-based strategies, can be included in your work as an instructional coach, teacher, and/or instructional leader.

Learning Opportunity

The Curriculum Department is divided. Debates have gotten fierce. The superintendent could settle this but she wants your special committee to decide the issue (and take the blame if it all goes bad). Ready?

The Superintendent is thrilled you've come up with a solution and made a choice. Now, she wants you to present why you did that to the campus principals with a timeline.

Take a moment to reflect on the process, the session takeaways, and/or explore the gap between where you are now in your organization and the ideal you are striving for.

References and Resources

A Coach's Digital Tools Round Up

Need some amazing digital tools to support your coaching efforts? Here are a few. Don't be afraid to add some of your own to this crowd-sourced list. 

Wakelet Collection

You can find image, video, and other article links in one place...this Wakelet Collection (shown right). 

Coaching with Technology Tips

Looking for some coaching with technology tips? Check out these tips. 

Try It Out

Here are a few scenarios you can use to try a particular coaching approach on for size. Remember to have fun and be kind.

Are you using a coaching model in your district? Maybe you are a digital coach or instructional coach, and you do this every day. Or, not. Why not have fun and give it a try?

Dice Debrief Activity (Optional)