Managing time and choice in class can be drudgery. Make it fun with an assortment of digital tools that make settling disputes a simple coin toss.

In this session, get a grab bag of digital tools for flashcards, countdown timers, wheel spinners, dice breakers and debriefs, emoji makers, shape word clouds, and so much more. 

Should you attend or not? Heads or tails? 

Note: Links and resources for activities appear below for your convenience.

Slides & Activities

Activity #1: Emoji or Meme Generation

Activity #2: Dice Debrief

Activity #3: Wheel Spinner

(list of possible uses by content area)

Activity #4: Shape Word Art

(see list of classroom uses)

Activity #5: Timers

(see list of classroom uses)

Activity #6: Coin Flips

(see list of classroom uses)

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