Crafting AI-Enhanced Messaging for School Leaders 

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As a school leader, who has time to create engaging content? You do, and you don't have to be an expert! Rely on FREE AI tools that can transform how you connect with your school community. Make parents' and students' hearts beat with engaging content. 

Canva's Magic Studio makes your storytelling and community engagement possible. Use it as a hub for content sharing that tells a positive story about you, your school, and community.


I. Four Corners Activity

II. Why Connect?

III. AI-Powered Messaging

IV. A New Digital Assistant

V. Try Something New

I. Four Corners

Goal: To explore and reflect on your perspectives as school leaders as to the use of AI-powered social media messaging in your work as an educator. (Get a copy of slides)

II. Why Connect?

Many reasons are given why education leaders need to know how to use social media. But are there more compelling reasons to do so than those below?

III. AI-Powered Messaging

IV. An AI Assistant

V. Try Something New

Steps to Follow

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Resources & Links

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