Coaching - Meaning

Part 1: Read, Think, Write

1) Divide up into groups of six

2) As you read or view ONE resource below (your choice), use the paper handout (or go digital) to list

    • 3 significant words that stick out to you,
    • 2 important phrases, and
    • 1 complete quote that summarizes the text.

Be prepared to discuss your notes with the colleagues at your table

#1: Read

#2: View

#3: Read

#4: Read

#5: Read

#6: Read

Part 2: Speed Networking

  • Form two lines
  • Introduce yourself
  • Share your personal story about coaching, if you feel comfortable (be brief)
  • Share your quote and something you learned about it with the person opposite you
  • Write Down ONE thing you didn't know from someone else

Part 3: Group Share

  • Return to your group
  • Share ONE thing...
    • You didn't know about from someone else you spoke with
    • You learned in your own research
  • What was your favorite coaching story today?

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