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Wakelets on Coaching

Jim Knight & John Hattie

How do Jim Knight's Coaching Models and John Hattie's approaches go together?

On March 20, 2019, Jim Knight wrote an article for the Center for Research on Learning to explain how. It is a MUST-READ. Or, read My Notes on the article.

Also check out, Good as Gold series, Why We Focus on the Wrong Drivers in Education

Diane Sweeney

Sample Coaching Tool - Get a copy of this result-based coaching coaching tool. This copy was re-created in Google Docs by Miguel Guhlin while watching this video before he found out Diane had it online at her blog.

Diane Sweeney has AMAZING resources in her books, website, and videos available. I highly recommend investing in her model.

Kim Cofino & Eduro Learning

Elena Aguilar

Books & Articles

Technology Connections

Here are some of the technologies recommended in the webinar. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact @mguhlin @diben on Twitter or Voxer.

  1. - This is a blogging platform that can be adapted for use, involving the coachee sharing his/her reflections about something, with the coach offering comments. Any blog platform will work, as will GoogleDocs or Word Online.

  2. - Interactive video tool to facilitate asynchronous video chats and reflections. Get a free teacher account.

  3. - Accounts are available.

  4. OneNote - This free app, available for all devices, facilitates note-taking. You and your partner could use it as a way to share notes, private reflections in text and/or as audio recordings from your mobile device. It will require a free Microsoft account, OneDrive and OneNote account.

  5. Skype - Similar to, Skype allows you to have one to one or one to many type video and/or audio only conversations with built-in chat. It is also available as an iOS and Android app.

  6. - Quickly make an audio recording you can share.

  7. - Get a free account for yourself and your coachee/mentee via the Voxer web site. This is also available as an Android or iOS app that you can load on your mobile device.

A Word from Dr. Katie on Collegial Coaching

Step #1 - Listen to Dr. Katie Alaniz

As you listen to Dr. Katie Alaniz' research and experience-based remarks for coaching and video reflection, share your aha moments, insights, and/or take-aways via this Padlet. Be sure to add your name in the title of each take-away.

A Few Quick Points

The Future Ready Instructional Coaches™ strand provides instructional coaches with research-based strategies, protocols, and resources to help coaches effectively collaborate with and support their schools and districts with professional learning designed to strengthen instructional practices.

Future Ready Instructional Coaches™ resources are aligned with the Future Ready Schools® Framework, a research-based planning tool for digital learning, visioning, planning, and implementation focused on modernizing student learning.

Types of Resources

Coaching, combined with communities of learning, is a highly effective job-embedded PD model. Effective professional learning is intensive, ongoing, focused on the classroom, and occurs during the teacher’s workday (Darling-Hammond, 2009).

Additionally, Michael Fullan’s work on educational change (2008) emphasizes that we need to “connect peers with purpose” if we want to see systemic improvement in student learning and professional learning. We must allow educators to routinely collaborate with trusted colleagues to solve problems and share ideas.

Source: ISTE's Technology, Coaching and Community white paper

Coaching Tools

The tools below were made available online via Tools for Learning. The citation is as follows:

This special issue of Tools for Learning Schools has eight additional pages of bonus tools from the best-seller, Taking the Lead: New Roles for Teachers and School-Based Coaches, 2nd Edition, by Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison.

Use this framework, which includes a description of each of the 10 roles with examples of responsibilities, to provide an overview of the roles.

Use this tool to examine the percentage of time coaches spend in different roles.

Use this template with teachers to scaffold weekly lesson planning in any discipline.

Use this tool to provide a structure and tools for the partnership agreement conversations between coach and the administration.

Source: Adapted from Killion, J., & Harrison, C. (2017). Taking the lead: New roles for teachers and school-based coaches, Second edition. Oxford, OH: Learning Forward.