CSW- Crafting Your Solution

Time is short! You need to work as a team to fill in some preliminary slides your Superintendent has put together for you. You can certainly deviate and come up with your own presentation outline, but...time is short.

Do what works best for your team that gets the job done!

Presentation Outline

To assist you in developing your presentation, and to keep it brief, your superintendent has organized a slide deck for you with instructions.

Of course, your super may have no idea of what this presentation will REALLY involve, so feel free to disregard the slide deck suggested and go crazy amazing!

Versions: G Suite Slides | MS Powerpoint

2. Share the Public Link

Finished with your presentation and ready to share it? Go ahead and share the public, "Anyone with a link" using the form below.

We'll be reviewing these to see what you came up with before the next stage, which will take place after a quick dinner.

Note: If posting a Powerpoint file, put it in OneDrive or PPT Online and get the public link so that anyone can view it outside your organization.

3. Reflect

Congratulations! You have reached the Reflection stage. Complete when ready.