Ready to try your hand at a real life scenario? Why not have fun and give it a try?

Try It Out - Encryption Scenarios

Use these scenarios to try it out. Have fun but remember to watch what you say and do. 


Divide into groups of 3 and pick ONE scenario.

What Would You Say or Do?

Observers, be prepared to share what you would say and/or do in this situation from the group's perspective.

Assume the roles of:

Tech Expert/SysAdmin/CTO

Your task is to provide technical support and understanding to the team member about the issues.

Team Member

Own the problem as if it was you who did the deed. Cry a little. Ask questions, "Why me?" and try to ham it up a bit.


As the observer, remain silent and watch the interaction between the tech expert and the team member. Make a note of your observations since you will be sharing them with the whole group.

Scenario #1 - External Drive

“John,” began Liz, the PEIMS Data Clerk at the high school. Tears started to stream down her face. “I saved some work out of iTCCS to take home and analyze last night onto my USB drive. This morning, when I went to pick up my coffee from Starbucks, I think it fell out of my purse while I was paying. I can’t find it and I’ve looked everywhere.” 

Liz paused then said, “I had the entire freshman class’ data on in an encrypted file. What do I do?”

Scenario #2 - Emailed File

"Melodie," said her superintendent. "Turn on the news." It was 5:30pm and Melodie was just getting home from an after-school event.

As she watched the news broadcast play on the television, her heart dropped into her stomach. "What do we do, Jim?" she asked her super.

"Let's plan to meet tomorrow morning after Cabinet to discuss what our next steps are. While I am meeting with Cabinet, take a moment to discuss this with Charles (the tech director). Come up with our next steps and we'll figure this out."

Scenario #3 - Paper

“I just need a quick print-out so I have something I can reference in my hand,” Jill exclaimed. As Darlene printed out the report from iTCCS, she promised to put the document in Dropbox so Jill could get to it more easily. Jill dropped the sheaf of papers into her briefcase and ran out the door. 

“Maybe,” she thought to herself, “I’ll have time to stop at HEB on the way home tonight, get a good night’s sleep so I’ll be fresh for this data presentation tomorrow morning.” She looked at her briefcase, carefully locking it in the trunk and casually throwing a blanket on top of it, just in case.

Scenario #4 - Outside our control?

“I have thought about disaster recovery, but I haven’t given any thought to our hosted solutions and how we’re backing up that data. 

How am I going to ensure that data is protected when it’s outside of my control?”