Letting Students Choo-Choo Choose Their Own Track

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In this session, participants will learn how to create various types of choice boards using Google Drawings, Google Slides, and/or Wakelet. 

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John Hattie Says in "Visible Learning" (2009):

Learning progressions ensure that appropriately higher expectations of challenges are provided to students...there is not one right trajectory of progress for all student.

Instead, it is more critical to analyse closely how students progress….there is also the question of how to move each student forward from wherever they start through these levels of achievement….” 

What Are Choice Boards?

A choice board is a graphic organizer that allows students to choose how they will learn a concept. Usually a choice board carries these aspects.

Read Peggy Reimers on Creating a Choice Board for Your Classroom at the TCEA TechNotes blog

Why Use a Choice Board?

Educational research has shown that choice leads to more confident, more capable, and more interested students. Alfie Kohn’s classic article “Choices for Children” cites the findings of a number of studies on student choice. 

Student choice, when implemented in the right way, works. See 10 reasons why choice boards are so amazing in this TCEA TechNotes blog entry, Create Interactive Learning with Choice Boards

What Is the Choice Board Creation Process?

The process you choose reflects what you know and how you connect ideas and information. Some steps you can follow:

1. Choose the concept/standard to be addressed

2. Outline or draw out your concept map

3. Make a list of discrete ideas/skills/strategies

4. Connect those to modalities that meet the needs of different students

5. Design the choice board in your tool of choice

Activity #1: Explore Creation Tools


Need to make a copy of a template? For Google Drawings and Slides, simply go to FILE->MAKE A COPY. For Wakelet, go to COPY.

Activity 2: Make Your Own


In this activity, you will make a Team Choice Board about Ideas Learned at TCEA so far (or whatever you want).

Keep The Learning Going!

Want to keep the learning going? Check out these choice board resources that can extend your learning.

In the Wakelet shown left, you will find:

Have fun exploring!