TCEA Librarians' Conference

Sessions (June 30)

How do you increase a child’s reading fluency? It’s a question that seems to have an easy answer. One common response is that you give them more opportunities to listen to others as they read. You also make it important for them to read aloud and then provide them feedback on their reading. In this session, I'll share research and a few other approaches you can take that blend technology into reading fluency. (Thur, 9:00-9:50am; 03-900-3)

Scaffolding student cognition during reading can enhance student achievement. Let's explore a Deep Learning, high-effect size instructional strategy as a way to assist students who don’t remember what they read, have little to no engagement with reading material, read at two or more years below grade level, struggle with non-fiction text, and can't differentiate between main idea and supporting details. (Thur, 10:00-10:50am; 03-1000-3)

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Infographics For You

Although I failed "Art" in kindergarten, I work to overcome that failure every time I undertake to create an infographic. Here are a few recent creations. While free tools abound, such as Canva, I find it easier to recreate content in Google Slides or Drawings. You can find my repository of created infographics you can borrow/steal without any copyright issues online. Have fun!


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