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Discover how various coaching models can enhance classroom learning and seamlessly integrate technology into your teaching strategies! (M,8:30-9:50)

Get your students more engaged with your content by having them become authors.  Learn how to use tools like Book Creator, Canva, and Google Workspace to create digital ebooks.  Join us for tips, tricks, and the how-to's of creating eBooks with Google Workspace for Education.(M,1-1:50)


Explore engaging activities and even learn how to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into your CER lessons. Get ready to ignite your students' love for science and witness their incredible creations through CER.

Make vocabulary fun and memorable by creating dynamic videos and GIFs in groups—just bring a device with a camera, and we'll provide the rest!

Scaffolding student cognition during reading can enhance student achievement. Let's explore a deep learning, high-effect size instructional strategy as a way to assist students who don’t remember what they read, have little to no engagement with reading material, read at two or more years below grade level, struggle with non-fiction text, and can't differentiate between main idea and supporting details.


Unleash your creativity with Canva's Magic Studio to effortlessly design engaging learning activities, memos, and newsletters using AI and a vast template library!

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The Canva Specialist course offers an in-depth look at the artificial intelligence capabilities within Canva Magic Studio and Canva's suite of AI-powered apps. You will learn how to fully leverage these AI features to streamline your design workflow. 

It is intended for K-12 educators and district staff seeking to further their skills with Canva's intelligent creation tools. By the end, you will be equipped to swiftly design captivating, high-quality content for the classroom and beyond. 

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PreCon Event

🎉📚 Transform your K-12 classroom into a literacy wonderland with "Digital and Evidence-Based Strategies to Enhance PreK-5 Literacy!" 🌈✨ Discover the secrets of reciprocal teaching and Story Bins, powerful strategies that ignite a love for reading and writing. 💪📖

🌟 You'll find evidence-based tools and strategies for every learning style.

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