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Session Resources

Brain breaks and bell ringers are short activities that can be used to help students focus, stay engaged, and learn more effectively. Explore how AI can be used to create brain breaks and bell ringers that are more personalized, engaging, and effective.

Canva Magic Studio

You can do magic with Canva's Magic Studio. Want to redefine what and how you create? Look no further than Canva's Magic Studio, a veritable "Swiss Army Knife" of AI tools. These AI tools include Magic versions of Design, Switch, Grab, Expand, Morph, Edit, Media, Animate, and Write.  You'll leave the session knowing how each fits into your creative process with Canva. 

As a school leader, who has time to create engaging content? You do, and you don't have to be an expert! Rely on FREE AI tools that can transform how you connect with your school community. Make parents' and students' hearts beat with engaging content. Canva's Magic Studio makes your storytelling and community engagement possible. Use it as a hub for content sharing that tells a positive story about you, your school, and community.

Explore Self-Paced Learning Courses

The AI-Powered Canva Specialist course offers an in-depth look at the artificial intelligence capabilities within Canva Magic Studio. You also see Canva's suite of AI-powered apps more in-depth. You will learn how to fully leverage these AI features to streamline your design workflow. 

It is intended for K-12 educators and district staff seeking to further their skills with Canva's intelligent creation tools. By the end, you will be equipped to swiftly design captivating, high-quality content for the classroom and beyond. 

The Canva Educator course presents an introduction to the design tool called Canva, which is free to all K-12 educators.

Canva provides you with a powerful toolkit to easily and quickly create spectacular resources even if you are not a designer or an artist. If you are an artist or designer, you have a huge repository of tools all in one place to bring new creations to life at no charge.