Data, Analytics, Mapping the Plan: Ideas to Drive You

 Learn how to gather the data, use the data to map your destination and route, then enjoy some fun views along the way, learning from others who have traveled this path and found success in the journey! Dig into pulling analytics and data from your website and socials, then navigate how to read and respond with marketing strategies and tactics.

In this session, learn about AI myths and truths, the best chatbots that can serve as your digital assistant. You will also learn about AI tools for productivity, creation, and figure out next steps for use in your area of influence. If you are not familiar with AI models, then this session will give you a solid grounding.

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As a school leader, who has time to create engaging content? You do, and you don't have to be an expert! Rely on FREE AI tools that can transform how you connect with your school community. Make parents' and students' hearts beat with engaging content. 

Canva's Magic Studio makes your storytelling and community engagement possible. Use it as a hub for content sharing that tells a positive story about you, your school, and community.

Session Description:

 Get some insights in Project Management Action Steps that can keep you and your stakeholders in the know and moving forward. Learn how to de-implement projects that aren't working.

Keeping track of new project, dropping old initiatives, getting's all a delicate balance of keeping communications open, projects managed, and empowering others. Do you have trouble getting projects and supplies funded through your administration and school board? No worries! Join me as I walk you through the steps of preparing a proposal, and managing projects better to ensure success, no matter what you do in K-12 schools.

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