SGD: 3-2-1

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In this activity, you will use the 3-2-1 to capture important ideas from a text, examples, and/or questions.

3, 2, 1...begin!

3-2-1 Summary is a comprehension strategy in which students identify three new discoveries, two interesting facts, and one lingering question after reading a text or viewing a video.

Introduce the content (i.e., short passage, article, video)

Provide students with time to review the information (e.g., read aloud, independent reading, partner reading).

Use the 3-2-1 Summary strategy to list three new discoveries (e.g., "I learned that whales are mammals."), two interesting facts (e.g., "Whales are not fish!"), and one question (e.g., "Are whale sharks whales or sharks?") in order to synthesize the information they have learned and grow inquiries.

1- Explore Media


  1. Explore media

  2. Take notes on 3 important ideas, 2 examples, 1 question. You can change this to 3 things learned, 2 question you have, and 1 opinion or any variation that works best.

  3. When done, move on to next step

2- Add to Jamboard

Use the 3-2-1 Jamboard to jot down your notes. Snap a picture of your frame in Jamboard (the screen), then move on to step 3.

3- Share Your Creation

You will need to share your creation via this Google Slide deck. Follow these instructions:

  • Find an empty slide no one is working on and add your team name

  • Add your group name and photo

  • Add a screenshot or picture of what you made/drew

  • Add your hyperlink to recording (optional)

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