SGD: Story Wheel

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Need to practice sequencing skills, sumarizing a story, visualizing story elements, and recognizing story structure?

Give the Story Wheel approach a try.

1- Read This Text


  1. Explore available story (shown right)

  2. Identify top events in chronological order

  3. Create a drawing of the top 5 events in the story

2- Make a Story Spinner

  1. Draw a picture of top major events in the story.

  2. Put them in order from beginning to middle to end. Use paper copy for planning.

  3. Make a Story Wheel (requires Google account) that includes pictures in order. Pick a story wheel in this Google Slide deck that matches how many events you have.

  4. Put the pictures into the Story Wheel.


  • List the important events in the story. Events should be from the beginning, middle, and end of the selection.

  • Narrow the list of events to the 3, 5, or 7 most important.

  • Write story title and author’s name in an open area of the story wheel.

  • Illustrate a story event in each of the story wheel wedges; so that when the story wheel is completed they have a summary of the story.

  • A written event account can be included in each of the story wheel wedges.

  • Be prepared to share story wheel.

3- Share Your Creation

You will need to share your creation via this Google Slide deck. Follow these instructions:

  • Find an empty slide no one is working on and add your team name

  • Add your group name and photo

  • Add a screenshot or picture of what you made/drew

  • Add audio explanation (optional )

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