Area 4: Evaluative Frameworks

In this area, you will dig deep into a variety of educational frameworks.

There's not enough time to get to all of them, so look for one that resonates the most with you and your teaching/learning situation.

Remember to jot down your notes in the organizer.

1. Framework Overview

The T3 Framework is designed to tighten up the process of integrating technology into teaching and learning by providing a clearer, more precise, and actionable framework to guide teachers and leaders in self-assessing current uses of technology, setting professional growth goals, and achieving continuously higher levels of mastery.

Rigor/Relevance Framework

The following framework does not include technology, however, it is often matched with others (such as the LOTI). See these rubrics for more insights into what is expected.

Expert Discussion Question

What framework will you use to better gauge how technology is being used to elevate high-effect size instructional strategies?