Documenting Success

In this portion, we'll explore a few tips for Creating Awesome Digital Portfolios with Free Tools. Some of those tools include Google Sites and OneNote.

We will also take a quick look at how Google Photos and Google Drive can work together.

There are many more tools available to document your awesomeness. Find one that works for you and use it.

#3: PiktoChart as an ePortfolio Tool

Give PiktoChart a try as a portfolio creation tool, suggests Lindsay Foster (Burleson ISD). Be sure to investigate potential cost.

See her example to the left.

View Video Tutorial

#2: New Google Sites as an ePortfolio Tool

Want to use the new Google Sites as an ePortfolio solution? Learn how to take advantage of the Duplicate Site feature to do so.

Let's Get Started

Approach #1 -Hyperlinked Docs/Slides

One easy approach is to use hyperlinked Docs or Slides. Students create a "table of contents" Google document in Docs or Slides, then create a hyperlink to artifacts that capture their learning. These Google Docs (or Slides) can contain videos, audio file links, photos, and more. Later, as students become more proficient, these documents can be embedded into the new Google Sites.

Approach #2 - Hyperdoc It

The main benefit is that you can create a hyperdoc that is customized to match what you need to showcase.

View Example by @KellyHilton

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. You can create your own new Google Site
  2. Students rely on teacher-created ePortfolios hyperdocs that they can build on
  3. Have students link their hyperdoc’d ePortfolios to their new Google Sites

4. Create a master list of artifacts or linked documents in a table of contents.

Approach #3 - Duplicate Google Sites for Personal Use

Share a Google Sites website with your personal account. You then login and duplicate the website. Once the Sites website has been duplicated, access to the original Google Sites website (an eportfolio template) is removed.


  1. G Suite EDU Actions:
    • Create Sites ePortfolio template
    • Share ownership with your personal account
  2. Personal Gmail Account Actions:
    • Log in with your account
    • Duplicates Google Sites ePortfolio using your personal account

#1 - OneNote as ePortfolio Site

Microsoft has really outdone itself with OneNote. OneNote features many capabilities, and teachers everywhere are noting that students are already making the transition to OneNote on their own.

OneNote is a service that is designed to facilitate the digitization of data. To that end, OneNote, which includes one terabyte of storage for Office 365 licensing in schools, offers apps that work on Android phone/tablet, iPhone, iPad mobile devices, as well as laptop/desktop computers.

You can snap a picture of a handwritten piece of work, save it to a digital notebook, add tags (e.g. 2018-2019, World Geo, DBQ1) and then share that notebook with others.

Furthermore, digitized work is scanned and searchable (e.g. take a picture of handwritten work, and once in OneNote, the images are searchable).

One Terrible Example -