Coaching - Try It Out

Are you using a coaching model in your district? Maybe you are a digital coach or instructional coach, and you do this every day. Or, not. Why not have fun and give it a try?

Coaching Models & Sentence Stems

Believe it or not, there are MANY coaching models you can use. In today's scenario, pick one of the following and give it a try.

#1 - Collegial Coaching

Source: @Dr_Katie_Alaniz | Coaching with Technology

#2 - Student-Centered Coaching

Source: @SweeneyDiane | Student-Centered Coaching

Try these sentence stems to get the conversation moving

#3 - The Impact Cycle

Source: @jimknight99 | Instructional Coaching

Try It Out - Coaching Scenarios

Use these scenarios to try it out. Have fun but remember to watch what you say and do.


Divide into groups of 3 and pick a scenario.

What Would You Say or Do?

Record your story using Flipgrid - (or use Flipgrid app (iOS/Android) with this code 1e836b).

Assume the roles of:


Your task is to provide constructive and purposeful feedback to the team member about the issues.

Team Member

Assume an interactive role by questioning and sharing information.


As the observer, remain silent and watch the interaction between the coach and the team member. Make a note of your observations since you will be sharing them with the whole group.