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To capture and share my understanding of all the great components of the process, I put together my own lesson design outline. 

With tongue firmly in cheek, I named it, "Amazing Lesson Design Outline" or ALDO for short. It works to unite everything with a simple process and include technology. 

ALDO In Action: Design a High-Yield Lesson

A quick review of how to design a high-yield lesson appears below. As you can see, it seeks to combine a variety of approaches, strategies, and ideas into a simple process (of course, that's not as as easy as it looks). 

Work to build a learning partnership with each student, focused on creating a safe, positive learning environment that aligns to the diverse, deep culture backgrounds of students.

Ask yourself, "Where are the students now?" How many are 1) emerging, 2) developing, 3) meeting or 4) exceeding expectations? Determine what formative assessment you will use to assess students. (Source: Diane Sweeney)

Based on the phase of learning your students are in, select a high-effect size instructional strategy and digital tool that will speed learning.

Repeat the assessment you used earlier. Chart student progress towards learning objective. Adjust your existing approach.

Ask yourself key questions, as well as encourage your students to reflect on their learning.