Station 2

Step 1 - Develop a Solution


"In this class," you start out confidently, "you are the author of your own textbook, and master of your own learning!" The students stare at you blankly.

"Ma'am," says one of them, "I'm not sure what you mean. Are we going to make the textbook for this class as a way of showing what we are learning?" You ponder this for a moment. "Yes, that's exactly what you and your team will have the chance to do!"

Project & Task

Explore various tools for creating digital textbooks that you can share with your students. Create an example for your students using content relevant to your teaching expertise.

Read this blog entry by Matt “Ditch That Textbook” Miller. He shares Garth Holman’s and Mike Pennington’s (two teachers) journey toward getting rid of textbooks.

He also highlights some key ways that students can work together. Some of those approaches are shared below. Also, read this digital textbook blog entry.

Step 2 - Explore and Create


Depending on the devices your team has available, explore the available suggested apps (or come up with some of your own) to create the product.

Not Free Digital Tools

Step 3 - Share

Turn Your Project Creation as a Video, Photo, or Link via Padlet at