Station 4

Step 1 - Develop a Solution


"What tool(s) are you using to create your flipped learning videos? I'm not quite sure how to get started! Can you help me?" asked Sharon in the teacher's lounge.

Project & Task

Try out some different screencasting tools you can use. Take an existing video you have created, or one that's already available online, and setup an assessment for it using your tool of choice.

A host of screencasting tools are available. For example, a framework you could model for students:

1-Pick out five photos that are about a particular event, a situation, or topic.

2-Write three to four sentences about each of those photos. (Sample storyboard | ACMI Generator)

3-Combine sentences and photos into a digital story.

Step 2 - Explore and Create


Depending on the devices your team has available, explore the available suggested apps (or come up with some of your own) to create the product.

Chromebook Friendly Tools

Windows Tools

Purchase Required

Note: Windows 10 has built-in screen recording.

Step 3 - Share

Turn Your Project Creation as a Video, Photo, or Link via Padlet at