Station 6

Step 1 - Develop a Solution


"I'm overwhelmed. There's no way I can create brand new resources from scratch to use online. What options do I have for finding and organizing materials from other people?"

Project & Task

Explore these OER resources, as well as how you can start students (and yourself) down the journey of creating open educational resources in collaboration with others.

Option A: Create an ePub or PDF document using your tool of choice. Follow this outline or come up with your own.


Option B: Explore one of the content curation tools then create a shared space with resources you would like to introduce your campus/district leadership team to.

Step 2 - Explore and Create


Depending on the devices your team has available, explore the available suggested apps (or come up with some of your own) to create the product.

Use OER resources and/or create your own OER with colleagues and/or students.

Option A Task - eBook Creation Tools

A Few Tools to Make With....

Top three favorite ebook creation tools:

  • Google Docs ePub export – This tool provides for an easy way to create ePub-formatted ebooks. You can also export to Word, ODF, or PDF (View video).
  • Book Creator – It allows you to create a simple ePub without media or an enhanced ePub with video, audio, and more embedded. You cannot yet import Google Docs ePubs into Book Creator (Video for Chromebook | iPad)
  • StoryJumper: Story Jumper offers students the chance to write, create and publish their own stories (View video).
  • OneNote - Microsoft OneNote makes digital textbook creation easy. Students can work together on a single OneNote notebook that is organized into “notebook, section groups, sections, and pages.”
  • WriterReader - "WriteReader is a neat multimedia writing platform for elementary school teachers and students. The appeal of WriteReader is found in the collaboration between students and teachers. Students can create multimedia books that teachers log into to correct (Source)" (View video).

There are many other tools you can use to create ebooks. Give these a try.

Try making an's one approach:

Steps to Follow

  1. Pick a print book you want to use
  2. Add picture of each book to a Google Slides slide
  3. Add QR Code for audio recording of book page

How to Get Audio Recording as QR Code

  1. Record Your Voice as audio recording (Apps to Use: iOS | Android | Chromebook)
  2. Save the audio recording of book being read to Google Drive
  3. Get Share link for the audio file ("Anyone with link")
  4. Create a QR code ( works to make QR codes)
  5. Copy-n-Paste QR code into appropriate slide

Ready to Remix?

Did you know that Creative Commons Copyright licenses allow you to remix content available on the Web? It all depends on the type of Creative Commons license the creator has established.

OER licensed content must be free for any individual to use, licensed for unlimited distribution, and allow for adaptation, translation, remixing, and improvement.

Find a rich variety of images, audio, and video licensed as Creative Commons. You can also find content via Google Image Search as well as use Chrome extensions, Image Google Search.

Option B Task - Content Curation Tools

Step 3 - Share

Turn Your Project Creation as a Video, Photo, or Link via Padlet at

Research & Resources

A variety of resources cite research describing the learning strategy.

OER Tools

Other Curated Resources

A scholar is committed to building on knowledge that others have gathered, correcting it, confirming it, enlarging it.

– Parker J. Palmer