CSW - Coaching Reflection

Activity: Coaching Reflection

Please take a moment to get this app. You can find it online at https://tceact.glideapp.io/

You can also scan the QR code with your mobile device. The link shown above works on your computer, too.


  1. Get the app available at https://tceact.glideapp.io/

  2. Pick a quote to read and reflect on. A discussion question is included for each.

  3. Find someone else in the room to chat with. When you do, you will have 5 minutes to:

    1. Share your quote with them.

    2. Discuss your reaction or response to your quote.

    3. Ask them to share their quote with you

    4. Ask them to share their reaction or response with you. Discuss until time runs out.

  4. Find another person to discuss with, or invite another pair to join you.

  5. When time is up, return to your seat.

Individual Option: Want to do this on your own? Snap a picture of the quote, then share your reaction/response to this Padlet