Area 4: Culture Coaching

“You can strive to make every conversation one that of oppression. Every conversation can contribute to building a more just and equitable world, a world in which every person's full humanity is centered and seen, a world in which conversations are bridges to connection and healing.”

-Elena Aguilar, Coaching for Equity

“Culture, it turns out, is the way that every brain makes sense of the world. That is why everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, has a culture. Think of culture [schema] as software for the brain’s hardware. The brain uses cultural information to turn everyday happenings into meaningful events.

If we want to help dependent learners do more higher order thinking and problem solving, then we have to access their brain’s cognitive structures to deliver culturally responsive instruction.

-Zaretta Hammond, Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain

1-Introductory Video(s)

Time may not allow you to watch the entire video(s). Consider splitting it up into segments among your team, then having a quick discussion about key takeaways.

2-Quotes, Images, and Articles


Pick any two of the coaching tools from the extensive lists above. Why are these relevant and important to you and/or your team?

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