Area 3: The Impact Cycle

Instructional coaches who use a proven coaching cycle can partner with teachers to set and reach improvement goals that have an unmistakable, positive impact on students’ lives. And that should be the measure of the effectiveness of any coaching program."

1-Introductory Video(s)

Time may not allow you to watch the entire video(s). Consider splitting it up into segments among your team, then having a quick discussion about key takeaways.

2-Quotes, Images, and Articles

"Effective coaching makes it easier for teachers to learn and implement new ideas. Indeed, without follow-up such as coaching, most professional learning will have little effect."

-Jim Knight

How do Jim Knight's Coaching Models and John Hattie's approaches go together?

On March 20, 2019, Jim Knight wrote an article for the Center for Research on Learning to explain how. It is a MUST-READ. Or, read My Notes on the article.

Also check out, Good as Gold series, Why We Focus on the Wrong Drivers in Education


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