Area 1: Results-Based Coaching

“When schools lack a clearly articulated coaching model, confusion reigns and a precious resource is wasted. By focusing coaching on goals for student learning, rather than on fixing teachers, an instructional coach can directly impact instructional practice and student achievement.”

-Diane Sweeney and EL Magazine

In this area, you will dig deep on the work of Diane Sweeney. She has published several books focused on her Results-Based Coaching model. Her results-based coaching tools, discussion of coaching cycle enjoy the support of many educators.

Remember to jot down your notes in the organizer.

1- Introductory Video(s)

Time may not allow you to watch the entire video. Consider splitting it up into segments among your team, then having a quick discussion about key takeaways.

2- Quotes, Images, and Articles

Diane Sweeney has a rich collection of resources and tools you can use to assess for usability. Take a moment to look through her website.

Below, you will find several articles of interest for those getting started with coaching.

3- Tools

Diane Sweeney has AMAZING resources in her books, website, and videos available.

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