CSW-4: No Time and No Tech

1- Divide up into groups of three

Assume the roles of:


Your task is to provide constructive and purposeful feedback to the team member about the issues.

Team Member

Assume an interactive role by questioning and sharing information.


As the observer, remain silent and watch the interaction between the coach and the team member. Make a note of your observations since you will be sharing them with the whole group.

2- Read Scenario

During a coaching session, Charlene comes to you (the coach) complaining about not having time to learn technology appropriate for her lessons (Science & Language Arts).

She says, "I have to teach to the test and now you want me to integrate technology? I've had it!"

3- Apply Coaching Model

Take advantage of the Collegial Coaching Model example to help structure your interactions.

If you are familiar with other coaching approaches, make sure to make a mental note of what strategies you are using.

You will need that when debriefing and reflecting.

4- Debrief and Reflect

Observers, before sharing your observations, ask questions:

  • Is the team member teaching what they intended to teach?

  • Is my coach achieving the goals and completing the projects upon which we agreed to focus?

  • Is there a better way to teach this concept, thereby promoting higher achievement by students or more effective integration of technology?


5- Flipgrid It!

Record you story using Flipgrid - https://flipgrid.com/1e836b (or use Flipgrid app (iOS/Android) with this code 1e836b).